Premium Credit Sign My Agreement

It is important that you read your credit agreement, as well as the other information contained in your welcome letter/email. To continue financing, please sign a copy of your credit agreement and send it back to us. We offer our customers a convenient way to pay for their policy. With our preferred provider, Premium Credit Limited (PCL), you can set up a collection system. This means that you pay a deposit (if any) and pay the balance of your premium by the same monthly payments. If you don`t sign and return your contract, you can`t get financing from Close Brothers Premium and you may have to find another way to pay for your insurance policy. To have your insurance underwritten and you are fully insured, Premium Credit Limited starts cashing in your monthly payment before receiving your signed contract. This does not affect your rights to terminate your contract if you feel that the agreement is not suitable for your financial needs once they are received. It is important that the loan agreement is signed. A $10 fee can be collected if the contract is not signed and returned to PCL within the specified period. Full details of the agreement are provided by PCL as part of the implementation of the contract. Why were the payments recovered before I signed my agreement? (Source PCL website: ABI – Net premiums issued for the UK general insurance market Sept 2010). A small part of our business also introduces credits in Close Premium Finance, where PCL is unable to provide financing.

Endsleigh`s expertise lies in the organization of insurance policies; we are not a premium finance company and therefore do not have a “credit licence” from the Financial Conduct Authority. This means that we cannot provide financing to facilitate a debit plan, which is why we present PCL to our customers. For a better description, PCL is “The Lender,” while Endsleigh acts as a “credit broker.” The easiest way to sign the credit contract is online. If you follow the link account/login, you can register your account and sign the agreement. Once you`ve created your account, you can track and manage your payments and update your personal data. If you do not sign the contract online, a copy will be sent to the mail so you can sign and return the contract. This protects both the lender and the customer to ensure that they understand what they are both doing. For easy-to-use reasons, you can sign this agreement online and get all the details from Premium Credit Limited. You need your credit contract reference number and date of birth.

You have the right to terminate the credit contract within 14 days of the date the agreement was reached or the date on which you received the terms and conditions, depending on the later date. For more information on revocation of your credit contract, balance settlement and other credit issues, see the terms and conditions of your contract with Premium Credit Limited or contact your Towergate representative. Your credit sets out the details of your current account credit agreement with us. This is necessary to finance your insurance premium so that you can pay it monthly. It is governed by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. We use PCL only to provide funds to endsleigh customers. We can receive a commission for the introduction of customers. Please note that not all of the information we provide is personal advice or recommendations. Your personal data and the bank details you provide will be sent to them and they will contact you by mail, email or text.

The balance is subject to status and you can use a credit reference agency that leaves a search record or other information about you to perform credit and money laundering audits.