Ama Model Physician Employment Agreement

More information on the Medical Employment Contract ( is available in the amA Annotated Model Physician Hospital Employment Agreement and the AMA Annotated Model Physician-Group Practice Employment Agreement. Medical employment contracts should contain provisions that protect a physician`s right to due process from termination for reasons that are not yet concealable. Physicians` employment contracts should specify whether termination of the employment relationship is grounds for automatic termination of hospital staff affiliation or clinical privileges. The termination of a working relationship or contractual relationship between a physician and an institution that employs the physician does not necessarily end the relationship between the patient and the physician and those under his or her control. If the doctor`s status is unilaterally terminated by an employer, the doctor and his employer must inform the doctor`s patients that the doctor is no longer cooperating with the employer and provides the doctor`s new contact information. Patients should have the choice of continuing to be seen by the physician in his new setting or being treated by another doctor who is still working with the employer. Physician`s patient records should be kept as long as they are necessary to manage patients or to deal with legal issues that the physician is facing; Records should not be destroyed without the former employee`s notice. If the medical possession of all patients` medical records is not already prescribed by state law, the employment contract should stipulate that the physician may, at the express request of a patient, have copies of patient cards and recordings, or if such recordings are necessary to defend the physician in official acts, administrative examinations or other procedures against the physician. Benefits can significantly increase your base pay and the content you have in your new position. Knowing what benefits are included in your earnings is an important step in understanding your employment contract. Examples of benefits include the payment of your royalties and contributions to professional companies, leave, continuing education financing, civil liability, disability insurance and student loan payments.