Apwu Collective Bargaining Agreement Pdf

Our current collective agreement (Union Treaty) originally expired on 20 September 2018. The APWU and the U.S. Postal Service agreed to extend the negotiations until October 20, after which the parties again extended the negotiations until November 20. During this period, the APWU and the Post Office held a series of negotiating meetings. The APWU believes that the recent negotiations have been successful and we have made progress towards a framework for an agreement. In this light, […] March 20, 2020 As officers elected by their union, we fight for APWU members and ensure that management protects our health and safety in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Today, we received a Memorandum of Understanding that extends the deadline for post-stage 3 complaints and arbitration requests by 30 days beyond the limits set by the national agreement. DOWNLOAD THE MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING Mou extension of Stage 3 time and arbitration complaints Today at Interest Arbitration, APWU presented evidence from the Clerk and Craft Maintenance divisions. During the morning session, the Director of Crafts, Lamont Brooks, spoke about the USPS management`s attacks on the work of union postal workers and our call for better staffing at Clerk Craft. He raised our objections to postmasters who do work in Level 18 offices. He outlined how management is continuously the global regulation of 2010, the level 18 postmaster office on […] As part of the arbitration decision on the new collective agreement, APWU and USPS agreed on a timetable for local negotiations, as indicated by industry director Vance Zimmerman.

Local unions or management may open negotiations on changes to local agreements in accordance with the timetable set out in the Memorandum of Understanding of 11 March 2020: a letter of intent must be submitted by 24 May 2020. Negotiations are taking place for 30 consecutive days […] On June 3, President Mark Dimondstein and Director of Labor Relations Vance Zimmerman reported to the APWU National Executive Board (NEC) that the Ombudsman stated that the APWU and USPS were too far apart and that further discussions would not lead to a new collective agreement. The declaration effectively ends mediation. “We have invoked mediation to ensure that we have followed all paths to obtain a good membership agreement,” said President Dimondstein. TO […] President Dimondstein talks about the opening date of interest rate arbitrage on September 4, 2019. Go to apwu.org to read his full testimony before the referee. The APWU discusses how postal workers are public servants engaged in skilled assignments that deserve fair pay and social benefits, job security and safe employment without harassment. On Wednesday, September 4, the APWU began its arguments for a strong contract on the opening day of interest rate arbitration hearings in Washington, D.C. The hearing was the first in a series of hearings in this process that will determine the next collective agreement (CBA) between apSWU and USPS. […] On September 4, APWU and USPS will launch the interest rate arbitration process for our new collective agreement (union contract). Further hearings are scheduled for the fall.

Our negotiating team is well prepared, supported by economists, lawyers, employees and postal workers! We faced a similar fight in the 2015 negotiations and we intend to impose ourselves again! Each member of the APWU plays an important role in reconciling interests. This is important … 06/30/2018 – The American Postal Workers Union began negotiations with the U.S. Postal Service with an inaugural session on June 26. Brian Renfroe, Executive Vice-President of the NALC, and Paul Hogrogian, President of NPMHU, sat side by side with APWU management. A large number of well-known labour and community allies, including Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO, and Hilary Shelton, National Chief of the NAACP, were present and highlighted the […] 07/02/2018 –