Partnership Agreement Translate

Correcting reading involves checking spelling and correcting errors (tying errors) and the grammar of the translated text. RIGHT INK wishes to enter into a framework partnership agreement with the translator for the languages and specialties mentioned above to carry out translations for RIGHT INK clients. This sworn translator adds his signature and stamp to each page of the translated document and certifies that the translation corresponds to the original text. Only a few countries have “sworn” translators. For other countries, the translator can provide a certified translation. Certified translation: This is a translation provided by a professional translator specializing in legal translation. The translator simply confirms that the translated text corresponds to the original text in an accompanying document. This transfer of rights is exclusive and applies during the duration of literary copyright (and renewals after the fact) in accordance with Belgian, European and foreign laws as well as current and future international agreements. Delegated rights can be exercised in the language of translation and in any country, in any format and using all existing or future procedures. The translator guarantees RIGHT INK full and free enjoyment of the transferred rights and compensates them for any confusion, claim or suspension. The translator transfers the following rights to RIGHT INK and to RIGHT INK customers (the owners of the original untranslated documents: the translated files are then submitted by the client for approval of the embossed words and phrases. It is important that the translation is not literal, i.e.

translated word by word or sentence by sentence. The final result of the translator`s translation must be a coherent text, with the stylistic, terminological, grammatical and cultural uses of the target language, adapted to the object of the text. 8.3. Any confidential information provided to one of the parties or its representatives by a director, employee, shareholder, subsidiary, advisor, representative or representative of the other party is deemed to be provided for the purposes of this Agreement.