Sales Mandate Agreement

Common mandate: in this case, the rights to sell a property are conferred on more than one representative of different agencies. With more than one broker marketing the property, it is likely that the properties are stronger in the market, which increases the chances of finding an adequate buyer more quickly. The commission paid on the sale of the property is distributed among the brokers, regardless of the agent who sells the property on the basis of the agreed terms of the mandate, which means that there is no additional fee for the seller. While this type of mandate is of great use, it is important to ensure that the efforts of all the real estate agents involved are well coordinated and that there is good communication to offer the best chance of success. With our Serenity sale order, the owner only orders the sale of his property to our group, but that does not mean that it will be visible only on our own network. Indeed, professionals with many agencies like us can count on their physical network (35 real estate agencies from the Spanish border to the Atlantic coast) and our financial capacity allows you to publish your ad on many real estate platforms. If you ask a real estate agency to sell your property like about 70% of the French, you will sign a sales mandate to define the terms of the Agency`s mission. It is a real legal obligation between the two parties. Choosing the right mandate for you depends on the particular situation surrounding the sale of real estate, but understanding the benefits and risks associated with each can take a long way towards an informed decision. After the involvement of a contract to sell Serenty, a number of privileges apply: depending on the nature of the mandate agreed between the parties concerned, a mandate would generally set the following information: there are mainly two types of mandates: the exclusive mandate and the exclusive right-of-sale mandate.

In the first case, the seller may order several agencies to sell or even sell his property himself, but he does not enjoy the advantages that a real estate professional can offer him. For example, properties with exclusive rights need more time to sell than under the mandate of exclusive sales rights, which have much more publicity and more commitment. In addition, we share your ad with our major competitors based on our membership in the AMEPI network.